This life is a train-wreck

and I'm your funk conductor behind the wheel

this life  much like a video game

and I'm pushin your buttons to make you feel

yea I'm pushin your buttons to make you feel

I know this can't wait

so I move to the front of the train and take the wheel

I know this can't wait

so I move to the front of the train and take the wheel

cuz I'm your funk conductor hired to make you feel.


He draws a deep understanding 

with a paintbrush in his afro he can teach you how to let go

B-B-B-Bob Ross

Branches out on a limb. 

If you didn't know now you know that's where all the fruit is

There is nothing wrong with having a tree as your best friend

you can climb you can climb and they always seem to listen

In his world there are no mistakes

Just happy little accidents

Happy little accidents

They come and they go


Purple people pleaser trapped in a musical prison

Child prodigy cookin' something funky up in the kitchen

Well I don’t even need to tell you who I’m talking about

The man, the myth, the symbol, the artist formally known as…

P-R-I-N-C-E Prince!

Don’t try and talk to him

He ain’t gonna listen to your plebeian ramblings

No need for flattery

He knows he’s the shit his pictures right there underneath the definition

In his head  - the gravity’s getting thin

It’s gonna rain purple droplets soon

right down on your skin


Purple man from another planet

He’s got platform shoes

walks with a different kind of blues

you can’t bring him down because he’s solo to the ground

Can play all the instruments by himself

You’re on the bottom while he’s top-shelf


P-R-I-N-C-E Prince!

Hey! Look at Me

Hey look at me 

cuz when I spread my wings I ain't ever turning back around

Hey look at me 

cuz when I fly over those clouds I ain't ever coming back down 

Meet me in the saloon for one last drink or two

cuz I'm in a duel with a familiar fool

and I've got a whole lot left to lose

I've met my match I can't give up because I've already lost

Keep on down that road if you want to find me

they'll be many crooked turns but your spirit will set you free

and when you finally arrive from your long strange trip

your last one's on me


turn the corner at the corner store and say you will

buy some alcohol for these underage consumers

so they can get their thrills

She's got the body lord knows I got the money but I just can't afford these bills

He craves attention and yea well did I mention

He's my best fucking friend.

Oven Cleaner

Do you like my silver sun it sails across to nowhere

do you see my silver eyes they're floating in the ocean

this one it's just for you because it's just got to be

Do you like my silver sun it's setting in your eyes


©2019 by Fox Soxx.